Academic Work by Students

 Name: Juliana Alves Rodrigues, student at Montgomery College and FATEC Indaiatuba.

BA 101 – Professor R J Rowe – Montgomery College

Date: 02/09/2011

Business Environmental Report


1.Source: The Washington Post

Date: 02/08/2011

Page: A19 Economy & Business

2. Environment: Automotive Industry

3. Central Idea: Obama breaks with industry on feasibility of electric- car goal

This article talks about President Obama’s goal of getting 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015. However, a panel of industry leaders said that automakers production plans are currently insufficient to meet the president’s goal. The goal is very aggressive, and how fast automakers can produce cars, and how quickly drivers will buy them, in unknown. The hybrids car ( closer to conventional cars than plug-in electrics) took 8 years to reach the 1 million-car mark. Thus, the government is offering tax credits of as much $ 7,500 per vehicle, as an incentive that the president proposed to turn into a rebate, so that it can be collected at the dealership. Also, he has called for more federal support for research and development in the technology, and $ 200 million to help selected communities build recharging infrastructure to encourage residents to adopt the cars.


1. Value: I chose this article because we are in a greener businesses age. Businesspeople became more concerned about climate change. We are constantly listening to the importance of being social responsible. Toyota has had success selling its hybrid Prius , which get better mileage with less pollution than gas-only vehicles. Also, some all- electric cars will soon be available. Entrepreneurs can get rich helping to save the environment. After all, we must know that without natural resources there is no business.

 2. Usefulness of selection : It is very important to think green in the business world. All businesspeople must to pay attention to the climate change because the temperature of the planet moves up and down over time. The issue now is global warming. Thus, companies must save energy and produce products that cause less harm to the environment (greening). In conclusion, if I want to become a businesswoman I must start thinking ecologically aware, using less energy and emitting less carbon into the atmosphere because the ecological environment has a great influence in the businesses.

 3. Relation to Course: Business is totally related with the ecological environment. All sectors of the economy ( agricultural, industry and services) need the natural resources and energy to produce and sell their products. So we must take care of our ecological environment and it will last longer for the future generations. In the article we could see that Obama is giving a lot of incentive for the companies to start producing the electric cars.

 4. Reference to Chapter: In the first chapter, we can read on the top of the page 20 an article about Thinking green. It is also talking about the hybrid and electric-cars. On the previous page (18 and 19) we can read about the global environment and about the ecological environment ( climate change, global warning and greening).

 5. Reference to Experience: I am already thinking green. I recycle paper and containers. I use a reusable grocery bag. I am trying to reduce my use of electrical equipment and of water. It is not necessary to change my lifestyle radically in order to make a difference. Everybody must do something and we will see the ecological environment with less harm.


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