ABOUT FATEC INDAIATUBA – this text is under review.

FATEC INDAIATUBA[3] is a public Faculty of Technology  that belongs at an autarchy named Centro Paula Souza[1], from the Govern of Sao Paulo State, that controls 198 Technician Schools and Colleges and 49 Faculties of Technology, distributed in 155 cities in the State of Sao Paulo.

At the Technician Schools and Colleges Paula Souza Center mantains 199 thousants students and at Faculties of Technology  are about 46 thousand students.

Fatec  Indaiatuba is located at Indaiatuba City [2],  Dom Pedro I street  # 65, Cidade Nova  quarter.  Its maintains five courses of technology, all with the duration of 3 years  that are divided in semesters (six semesters in total) and each class support 40 students:

Technology of Information – Computer networks. The classes are in the afternoon period.

Technology of Information – Data Base Systems.  The classes are in the afternoon period.

Business – Management Process.  The classes are in the morning or nocturnal period.

Business – International Trade. The classes are in the nocturnal period.

Business – Logistics.  The classes are in the morning period.

 The admission is made thought an examination of acknowledgement level  named “vestibular” , there is not tuitions to pay as student.  Non-Brazilians must to verify in the Ministry of Education in Brazil[4] and at INEP[5] the complete information about how to study in Brazil.

Indaiatuba city is  10 Km (about 6,25 miles) far from the International Airport of Viracopos – VCP and 25 Km (about  16,6  miles) far from Campinas city (CPQ) and  99 Km (61,9 miles) far from Sao Paulo city.


[1] Centro Estadual de Educação Tecnologógica Paula Souza – CEETPS,  http://www.centropaulasouza.sp.gov.br/.

[2] Prefeitura Municipal de Indaiatuba, http://www.indaiatuba.sp.gov.br/.

[3] Faculdade de Tecnologia de Indaiatuba, http://www.fatecid.com.br/.

[4] Ministry of Education in Brazil, http://portal.mec.gov.br/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12270&ativo=519&Itemid=518.

[5] Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros (Celpe-Bras), http://www.inep.gov.br/celpebras/.


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